Closest to the Pin:

Day 1 Wes Ward
Day 2 Wes Ward
Day 3 Bill Smith

Longest Drive:

Day 1 Pete Torres
Day 2 Pat Murphy
Day 3 

Beer Chug Contest:

Team Mike: Adolf, Rob D, Rob S., and Bill Smith

Lucky Bubba:

Ron Lane

Shot Gun Award:

Day 1 John Dugan 22
Day 2 Ron Lane 20
Day 3 Adolf 19
Over All: Ron Lane 60

My Brother Award:

John Dugan & Mark Sullivan

Bubba Jacket Award:

Bob Digby

Moments to Remember:

  1. Adolf's Glasses
  2. Doog shots a 77 at Wild Wing and Shot Guns 22 beers
  3. Closest Beer Chug contest in years

Shot gunning beers, 60 wins 3 day total!

Team Scores